TERMS & CONDITIONS The following terms and conditions govern your membership with and participation in the Zambezi House Loyalty Program (ZHLP). Please read them completely and carefully. In consideration of us receiving and accepting your online or written application to become a member of the ZHLP, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which form a contract between you and us. The terms “we”, “us” or “Zambezi House” as used in these terms and conditions refers to Zambezi House and, except to the extent the context does not permit, its various related bodies corporate ZHLP is a membership programme which offers 10% discount and, from time to time, specials, bonuses and privileges to the members. To become a member, you must (a) be aged 18 years or over; (b) complete the ZHLP application form correctly in full with valid information, and then submit that application to us either in person, email or fill out ZHLP application form on site at Zambezi House. You only become a member of the ZHLP once we accept your application and you receive an ZHLP membership card. The acceptance or rejection of an application for ZHLP membership is entirely at our discretion and a reason may not be provided. Only those of our employees and their immediate families that are referred to in the relevant Zambezi House staff policy as being eligible for membership, may become members of the ZHLP, but are not eligible to participate in any of the Competitions that Zambezi House publishes and holds at any given time. ZHLP membership and benefits in detail are available at Zambezi House. The Loyalty Card remains our property at all times and must be used by you only for the purposes contemplated by these terms and conditions and in the manner directed by us. It is your responsibility to look after the card. In any case where the card is lost or damaged, a replacement card may be distributed at an additional cost of $10.00 to you. ZHLP card is not transferable; we may at any time in our sole discretion ask the bearer of the card for a personal identification to prove the validity of the card. ZHLP card is valid only when the cardholder dines in or pays for a takeaway order in our restaurant, not valid for, outdoor caterings, special functions conducted in the restaurant without prior consent. As a member of ZHLP, you will be rewarded 10% discount of the total amount spent at Zambezi House restaurant. Our loyalty cards are run through our point of sale (POS) systems. You need to physically produce the Loyalty card to avail this reward discount, failing which, you will not be granted your 10% discount and charged in full for your consumption. In the event that Zambezi House venue is sold or closed, any available dollars on the card will be considered null and void and there will be no transfer of obligation to the new owners unless they wish to continue the reward program. We may also from time to time make available to members special offers, promotions and competitions, which will be intimated to you either by post or email address provided to us as part of your membership application form. Each promotion and competition will be subject to individual terms and conditions which would be printed on the promotional material or specified on the Website. We may publish names of winners of competition prizes. You agree to receive ZHLP emails regarding special offers, promotions and competitions and other ZHLP related information. Personal information collected by us is maintained in accordance with our privacy policy set out in the “Privacy Section” on the Website. You agree that any personal information that you provide to us in connection with the ZHLP, a voucher or a competition may be used by us for marketing/promotional purposes. When your card is swiped, information such as, without limitation, your frequency of visits, amount spent on each visit, may be recorded and retained by us as part of your member profile. Personal information will only be disclosed to and retained by us for these purposes. We may at any time in our sole discretion, without advance notice, alter or amend these terms and conditions or suspend or terminate the ZHLP. Any changes to these terms and conditions will take effect when the Website is updated with the new terms and conditions. Any suspension or termination of the ZHLP will take effect on the first to occur of notification to you by email (or any other method of notification considered appropriate by us) or posting on the Website. We may at any time in our sole discretion terminate your ZHLP membership with immediate effect by giving notice to you by way of email or any other method of notification considered appropriate by us. On termination of the ZHLP or your ZHLP membership or at any other time requested by us, you must immediately destroy or return the Loyalty card to Zambezi House. Our contact information is listed below; Zambezi House (Pvt) Ltd 1392 Parkway Drive Zambezi River P.O. Box 122 Victoria Falls eat@zambezihouse.com
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We are located at Plot 1392, Parkway Drive along the Zambezi Riverfront just before the entrance to Zambezi National Park and opposite the Crocodile Farm.

+263 213 284 1130 or +263 785 750 000



Mondays • CLOSED

Tuesday – Friday

9a.m – Beverage Service Starts
11a.m – 9:30p.m (Lunch • Dinner)


Funky Fridays, Happy Hour, Specials & Pizza until midnight

Saturday & Sunday

9a.m – 9p.m (Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner)

Please note, breakfast is ONLY served on weekends.